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SteriWare® Disposable Jumbo Pipette

Disposable Jumbo Pipette

The original low cost Disposable Liquid Sampler

The Jumbo Pipette is both quick and easy to use. It is ideal for taking samples from low viscosity liquids.

Assembled & Packed in a Cleanroom
Individually Bagged
Made from FDA and EU conforming HDPE
Full Batch Traceability
Suitable for use in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2 (450mm & 900mm lengths only)
Available as gamma irradiated sterile (SAL 10-6)

1. Unwrap the sampler and hold on to the BLUE end
2. Push the sampler into the liquid keeping your thumb covering the hole in the blue end cap until you are at the sampling depth
3. Raise thumb until levels equalise
4. Use your thumb to cover the hole in the blue end cap to seal in the liquid

sterile single use liquid sampler
Single use liquid sampler is easy to use
Why Use a Disposable Sampler?
  • Cross-contamination risk is eliminated - the device can be used straight from the bag
  • No cleaning is required before or after sampling
  • No cleaning validation (this is very expensive to set up and run)
  • Assembled in a class 100,000 cleanroom environment
  • Peace of mind
  • Suitable for all industries (pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, biotechnology etc.)
  • Many of our devices are suitable for use in ATEX Zones 0, 1 & 2 (contact Sampling Systems for full details)
  • Financial
  • Save time and money (it will cost more to clean a reusable sampler than to buy a disposable sampler)
Part No. Sterile Overall Length Max. Sample Volume Overall Diameter Internal Diameter Material Quantity Per Box
8051H-450 No 450mm 80ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
8051H-450S Yes 450mm 80ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
8051H-900 No 900mm 180ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
8051H-900S Yes 900mm 180ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
8051H-1100 No 1100mm 225ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
8051H-1100S Yes 1100mm 225ml 21mm 17mm HDPE 50
Made from 100% virgin HDPE


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Download Instructions

1.Press thumb onto tube until you are at the sampling depth
2.Raise thumb until levels equalise
3.Press thumb onto tube to seal in the